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Beating Lyme Disease is More Than Killing Bacteria (Chapter 6 Excerpt from the "Beating Lyme Disease" book by Dr. David Jernigan

I cannot stress enough the need for your doctor to be addressing all the systems of the body on every visit. The body is totally integrated and should perform like an orchestra, with every organ and tissue keeping rhythm with all the rest of the body. Taking a multi-vitamin/mineral, or even Borrelogen™ only addresses a part of what is required by your body to restore its ability to heal.

If one organ becomes dysfunctional due to illness or trauma, it ceases to move with correct rhythm in relation to the three dimensional movement of the other organs.
When this happens, it throws off the natural rhythm of the entire body. Eventually no tissue is able to maintain the proper rhythm. It is inevitable that this chain reaction will occur progressively over time if left uncorrected. Proper rhythm is part of what is necessary to maintain the integrity of the communication throughout the entire human organism.

While it is true that there is usually one offending issue that starts the whole chain-reaction, if left undiagnosed and untreated for very long, the problem will become complicated by the after-effects of the original cause. Weakened tissues lose their natural crystalline-matrix resistance to and control of things such as parasitic infection, toxin overload, dysregulated chemistry, and fungal and microbial infection.

Let us use the example of Lyme Disease. A person gets bitten by an infected tick or mosquito and becomes infected with a few of the bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi. The few bacteria migrate through the tissues, making their way to the weakest tissues… muscles, joints, connective tissues, organs, the brain, and/or nerves.

If the body is relatively healthy, there may be enough integrity within the body’s crystalline matrix to effectively keep the few bacteria from overpopulating, and therefore no illness may ever manifest as long as you maintain the integrity of the body, mind, and spirit.

If the infection is not detected and treated correctly in order to enable the body to adapt, the body’s resistance remains weakened, and the few bacteria find the body a perfect breeding ground. The few become many, and the chain reaction begins. The bacterial toxins wreak havoc on your body. To let you know that there is something wrong, your body responds with a multitude of symptoms arising from those weakest areas.

Like every organism, the Lyme bacteria live a certain life span and then die. This means that even without treatment, you will have a certain number of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria dying off every few weeks. These dying bacteria end up causing problems since they release toxins upon dying (also known as the cause of a Jarish-Herxheimer reaction). These toxins lodge in the tissues of the body and cause a worsening of the symptoms you feel. Research has shown that there is no direct tissue damage from the spirochetes. The damage to tissues is primarily due to the spirochete toxins which increase the inflammatory and immune responses.
Here is where the chain reaction begins to be most pronounced.

To better understand the chain reaction, let us start with a hypothetical example. Suppose the toxins are primarily affecting the elasticity of your muscles. The muscles of your right leg become tight and cramp, with wandering pains. You begin to favor that leg, walking with a limp. You are not designed to walk in this manner, so structural integrity is compromised. Your body’s structural components are now exceeding their design limitations. The knee and hip joints begin to swell in response to the strain. The pelvis becomes unlevel, throwing the entire spine into fits as it attempts to compensate for the tilted pelvis. The pelvis and intervertebral discs of the spine become inflamed from the changes in weight distribution, which in turn irritate the spinal nerves. The spinal nerves are important in carrying the brain’s messages for helping to regulate every organ’s function. With the spinal nerve irritation comes radiating pains in different areas of the body, along with tingling, numbness, and loss of muscular control. The organs begin to reflect the spinal problems and cannot get a clear signal from the brain; therefore the chemistry and hormones become dysregulated. Any area of inflammation and weakness in the tissues, such as the spinal nerves, becomes susceptible to viral and bacterial infection. Some of the latest research by Dr. Gary Young, M.D., N.D., has demonstrated microbial infections in the majority of spinal nerve irritations, such as in sciatica, with the pain radiating from the lower back down the legs.

Every organ is on its own dedicated electrical circuit with at least one set of muscles. When there is a problem anywhere in an organ circuit, it causes the entire circuit to become short-circuited. The damaged organ circuit will only work at about 40% of its normal electrical and functional capacity, though it may not show any changes on blood tests. Most Lyme sufferers can relate to this since most of the blood tests, of all types, reveal nothing of significance even though there are many symptoms.

The “short-circuiting” is one of the body’s protective mechanisms. The body will “turn down” the available energy to a damaged area so that you cannot damage it further by exerting 100% energy into an area that needs to be repaired. It is like breaking a bone in the leg; upon breaking the bone, special nerve fibers in the muscles called muscle spindle fibers send a signal to the brain to shut down the muscles. In an instant, the brain shuts down the circuit containing those muscles. Otherwise, having 100% energy in the muscles might allow them to break the bone further.

Decreased energy in one circuit disrupts the rhythm of the other organs, which, over time respond one by one, going into compensation mode, where they attempt to “take up the slack” for the dysfunctional organ circuit; eventually they too manifest complete dysfunction.

By now, you are suffering from profound and chronic fatigue as all the muscles of the body are only able to function at 40% of their intended output and you hurt all over. You have tender spots in the muscles. Your joints take turns aching and hurting. Your brain won’t seem to work right because the bacterial toxins cause the blood-brain barrier to become “leaky,” allowing large proteins to cross the barrier and cause cerebral allergies and localized swelling, and as a result you can’t seem to sleep even though you are completely worn out all day long. It seems like nothing in your body is working correctly. You go to the doctor, who may not believe that Lyme is a problem in your state, but who runs other tests, which are “inconclusive.” And the Lyme Disease goes on. Electrical Circuitry of the body will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 7.

Finally, you have found a doctor who determines you have Lyme Disease. “Not a problem,” he may say. “Just take this antibiotic, and you should be better in six weeks".” At the end of six weeks he proclaims you cured. The problems are just starting; even if you were one of the lucky ones who felt better while on the antibiotics, once the antibiotics are discontinued your symptoms return. Another more common response is that even during the six weeks of antibiotics you don’t feel any better or you feel worse, or at the minimum you feel like you are still not well.

Did the doctor address everything? Does the doctor even have the tools and knowledge necessary to address the structural, chemical, stress-issues, and electromagnetic problems? Usually he has only attempted to addressed the infection. The structural imbalances that have now been there for months or years, and no pill will address them adequately. Even if he recommends vitamins, it is often not enough. How about the organ circuits which didn’t magically come back online after the antibiotics? Did he address the opportunistic parasites, yeast, and viruses that found a home in your body while your resistance was down? How about the toxins stored in the tissues?

Friends, can you begin to see how difficult it can be to achieve total wellness after a long fight with something terrible such as Lyme Disease? If your doctor is simply giving you antibiotics with the hope that everything will go back to normal as soon as the bacteria is gone, then you need to find a new doctor, one who will cover all the other areas needing healing -- even if you must go outside of your PPO, HMO, or health insurance company. If your auto insurance won’t pay to get your transmission fixed when it breaks down, you would find a way to pay to have it fixed because your car and getting around is a priority to you. Where is your priority regarding your body? You must do whatever it takes to get it fixed.
Addressing the totality of the human body is impossible without a technique like Bio-Resonance Scanning™ or other like electro-dermal screening, Voll-testing, Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT), or Neural Therapy. All of these techniques have been developed by scientists and doctors in order to eliminate much of the educated guesswork, or “cookbook,” doctoring that has dominated the last hundred and fifty years. Without these techniques, doctors are just guessing at what is needed and hoping you won’t be allergic to the medicines, as well as hoping the combination of medicines won’t conflict or create adverse effects in the body.

Using natural methods to help facilitate the body’s ability to bring down the population of the bacteria in Lyme Disease can many times be just part of the fight. You now must restore the integrity of every tissue of your body. This restoring of integrity is sometimes called restoring coherence. Coherence exists when every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit is able to communicate freely and adapt correctly to changes in the internal and external environment. This takes time. A general rule of thumb in chronic illness is to expect three months of corrective lifestyle/treatments for every year you have had the problem. This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel better sooner. It simply means that feeling good and being healthy are two different things. When most people are initially diagnosed with cancer or heart disease, they say they have “never felt better” and the doctor just found the problem in a routine examination. So, be patient with the body.
Beating chronic Lyme Disease is much more than killing bacteria. Your body will naturally control the population of spirochetes if coherence is restored. Beating Lyme Disease requires your complete attention and cooperation. You cannot simply take the medicines and hope for the best.

Keep a journal so you can see improvement over long periods of time. Rejoice in small triumphs. Control your thinking -- don’t allow yourself to become depressed. Do not talk about the various symptoms, talk about the things that are better. See yourself half-well instead of half-sick. Cooperate with the different doctors and therapists who are trying to help you. Don’t be lazy in your mind; rejoice and actively participate in the healing of your body. You cannot afford to just take the pills and live a dark, dismal life, waiting for the pills to work. Change your routines. Strive to be vital in rebuilding your body. You are not a victim; you are simply living life like everyone else.All have problems to deal with. You cannot afford to allow yourself to “become an illness;” this just leads to a rapid decline. The illness is not who you are. Become one with God and one with yourself, not one with the illness. Get outside in the sunshine and close to nature, and simplify life so that your priorities are correct. The decisions you make today will determine your tomorrow. Above all, control your thinking --it’s the one thing you have total control over. It’s your free-will choice to accept or reject the illusions and lies that come to your mind. More information concerning the actual how-to as well as the science behind consciously and purposely creating a new reality of health and prosperity can be read in my companion to this book, Everyday Miracles by God’s Design.

You can reclaim your quality of life, and the journey with a worthy destination is the prize.

End of Book Excerpt

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